Natasha is a certified instructor for Mental Health First Aid England and Beat (the eating disorders charity). As well as continual development training which allows her to keep up to date with the latest research, Natasha consults with a range of experts in the field of psychology, neuroscience, body image and mental health to ensure her lessons have an evidence base. These experts include Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Dr David Bainbridge and Martin Seagar at University Central London. Her work is also influenced by the research of Dr Jack Lewis, Dr Jean Kilbourne and Dr Tanya Byron.
School and College Talks

Natasha tours schools and colleges throughout the UK and beyond, delivering assemblies and workshops on topics such as mental health, body image, social media and gender equality. Her talks are suitable for years 8 (12 years old) to sixth form and are tailored so they are age appropriate.

Campus Wellbeing

Natasha has been involved in devising and delivering mental health initiatives at Universities of East Anglia, York and the place where she studied for her own degree, University of Wales: Aberystwyth. She is currently advising management on campus wellbeing at the Coventry University: London.  

Parents, Teachers & Conferences

As well as working with young people, Natasha delivers talks to parents and teachers and at conferences. Examples of her keynotes are below:

3 Key Skills for Promoting Good Mental Health & High Self-Esteem

Natasha discusses the unique functions of the developing brain and how the skills of critical thinking, healthy stress coping mechanisms and emotional literacy can be nurtured during this time. This talk also examines social media, sexuality and gender and their link to self-esteem.

What It’s Like to Take on a Government

A presentation Natasha produced at the request of students at Bishop’s Stortford High School and has gone on to present at events throughout the UK, this tells the story of Natasha’s time as mental health advisor to the UK government and peeks behind the scenes of the media fall-out when she was fired.

Half Day Mental Health Masterclass

An in-depth workshop exploring practical ways to incorporate the three skills for good mental health (see keynote above) in homes, youth groups and classrooms. This also includes tips on peer support and early-symptom spotting for mental illness, with a particular emphasis on eating disorders.  

Mental Health First Aid Training

Natasha is a qualified instructor for MHFA’s two-day youth course, which is designed for anyone working with people aged between 8 and 18. The course is suitable for between 8 and 16 members of staff including teachers, pastoral, administrative or catering teams and school governors. 

Natasha has authored and contributed to books on mental health, body image and more.

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