Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid England is an organisation which trains the public in skills they need to support colleagues and friends with their mental health These skills include being able to spot early symptoms of poor mental health, knowing how to respond appropriately if a person comes to you in crisis and understanding which self-help techniques are appropriate to recommend.

MHFA is originally an Australian initiative, created by Betty Kitchener and Professor Anthony Jorn at the Centre for Mental Health Research, University of Australia. It is an international organisation, currently delivered in 23 countries and has robust evidence base. 

To find out more about MHFA visit Contact Natasha direct to enquire re her availability to deliver a course. 

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Body Gossip

Body Gossip is a charity which asks the public to write their body story and then works through theatre, art and education to make sure those stories are heard. In doing so, the organisation aims to ensure the celebration of a broad range of shapes, sizes, ages, colours, races and physical abilities.

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